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Our Mission

T he mission is to reclaim significant client money through the understanding and analysis of the client/landlord lease agreement, rent statements and rent payments, utilizing a team of legal and financial professionals who understand the complexities of real estate management and operating costs. We are committed to providing a clear, fair, professional, non-adversarial service that assists in maintaining a positive client/landlord relationship while reducing the client overhead costs.


Our History

MacMunnis, Inc. was founded in 1992 when a team of experts with a vision came together.

That vision was one of capitalizing on expense savings opportunities resulting from lease audits and analyses of rent statements and payment processes. MacMunnis Inc. pioneered the lease accuracy management industry by first introducing software tools to streamline basic lease management tasks. Professionals with commercial real estate, finance, legal, computer programming and software development backgrounds have driven the company’s success into the millennium with progressive new products and services, including MILM++ online, a web based solution.


Managing over 10,000 documents for Fortune 1000 customer base, MacMunnis, Inc. has now processed over $1.25 billion of lease payments, and recovered more than $8.5 million in lease overpayments. MacMunnis, Inc. has successfully assisted its clients in achieving their strategic growth plans by implementing cost effective lease administration policies and procedures.


R eal estate departments are pushed to increase efficiency, satisfy customers, and exceed prior years’ profits. MacMunnis, Incorporated has created the formula that empowers organizations to work smarter and meet these demands. The formula is called Commercial Real Estate Administration Management. This formula works by developing an infrastructure that aligns the department, synthesizes information, and extracts appropriate elements. Commercial Real Estate Administration Management establishes a series of standardized policies and procedures for real estate applications to meet the goals and objectives of the global organization, the customers, and the corporate real estate department.