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MILM 2.0

More of a dynamic process than a one-off solution, MILM++ online is designed to be highly portable (web-based) and efficient (it’s thick and robust). The focus is on capturing a wide array of data elements and documents for appropriate decision-making reports.


MacMunnis, Inc. has developed a web-based solution known as MILM++ online, in order for its customers to access its contract information. The secure environment enables greater flexibility and access to live contract information anytime, from any location worldwide. This is in addition to the proprietary, icon- driven desktop software that is designed to meet the requirements of any real estate department or organization. Administrative tasks such as renewals, payments or other lease options can now be clearly defined and tracked by internal portfolio managers or others within the client’s real estate department by utilizing MacMunnis, Inc.’s MILM++® software.

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