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Lease administration is a complex task, one that gets more complex every day. With owners focusing on costs, figures for facilities expenses stand out. Meanwhile, transactions within the real estate department require more and more time.

The time crunch means it is more vital than ever that companies have readily accessible information in a central location. In addition, each company has its own, unique set of priorities, leading to different kinds of informational needs.


A real estate management system must be flexible enough to handle companies’ varying needs while remaining simple to use. Trends within the real estate industry also put more pressure on real estate departments.


Outsourcing creates supervising and follow-up requirements that are unfamiliar. Today’s real estate department is placed in the pivotal position of disseminating important information while discarding unnecessary information. Prioritizing tasks is of paramount concern, and MILM is designed to facilitate that task.

MILM serves as an instrument to store information and make it accessible on demand. MILM does not decide what information is most important. Instead, it is flexible enough to allow the user to make those key decisions.


• The system comes with no predetermined set of options or preferences, giving the end user the freedom to adapt the program to the company’s needs. In addition, lease administration is not simply an inventory of a company’s current lease portfolio, but also a list of issues involving that portfolio.


• Administration means problem solving and new transaction planning. At every turn, a company needs to be able to monitor the plans and problems with the portfolio.


• By streamlining the information, MILM gives the real estate professional complete control of the real estate portfolio.

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