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What should I do if denied access to my web site when using a browser?

Answer: When you connect to the root or “home” directory of your account via ftp, you will see the following system directories/folders which are landmarks suggesting a successful connection:

./ .neomail-Yourname/
../ .trash/
.lastlogin catalogs/

The directory www/ is for your html web site files. These are the files that people will see when they visit your web site from their web browser by using WWW.YOURDOMAIN.COM. You can transfer files directly to the root level and/or create subdirectories.

I type in my IP address but I get a default page, why?

Answer: You must name your main loading file either “index.htm” or “index.html” . Be sure to name everything in lowercase, not “INDEX.HTM” . Also, this file must to located in your home directory, which is the first directory you see when accessing the web server via ftp. Also make sure that you can see the index.html file in your htdocs/ folder.

What Directory and Filenames are Acceptable?

Answer: To update your web pages, FTP into yourdomain.com. Use the USERID and PASSWORD provided on your account activation notice to ftp to your site. If you create any links using the IP address, we suggest that you modify the HTML to reflect your domain name once active world wide. Using relative paths rather than absolute paths when linking web pages will eliminate the need to modify your links.

How Do I update my Webpages?

• If you can access your account Control Panel, but cannot access your account via FTP, the FTP configurations may be incorrect.

• If you are denied access to either or both AFTER entering your userid and password, you may be using the wrong password. Check the activation notice sent to you via email when the account was first set up. If you changed your password and it doesn’t seem to be working, contact support@macmunnis.com to reset your password.

• If you can connect via FTP, but not open your Control Panel, carefully read the Control Panel access instructions included with the activation email.

Is New Deal Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP compatible?

Answer: If you receive the message “There is no DNS entry for http://www.yourdomain.com”, there are several possible explanations:

1) Try to reach the site using the IP address. If you are successful, the domain name is either not active or not yet propagated. For a NEW domain, it may take up to a week for the name to be released by InterNIC and propagated to DNSs (Domain Name Servers) throughout the Internet. (Foreign domains and transfers take longer).
If it is an older domain that has previously been reachable, the name may be on hold with InterNIC. Contact InterNIC directly to determine the reason the name is on hold.

You can check the status of your domain name by going to your “whois” page using your control panel.

2) If you can reach the site with the IP address and you know it has been more than 72 hours since the name was released by InterNIC: